AI-Powered Storytelling: How eLaLiga uses HUDstats-powered stats to shape the narrative around their 2023 competition season

Learn how eLaLiga leverages HUDstats' AI-driven storytelling dashboard to automate esports data collection, enrich their narratives, and scale content production.

elaliga dashboard

Project Overview 

Esports data company HUDstats developed a scalable esports storytelling platform with multiple data-powered functionalities to help drive meaningful narratives for the 6th season of eLaLiga. 

Integrating HUDstats’ proprietary AI data collection and aggregation technology, paired with rich content visualizations and video highlights functionality, the storytelling dashboard allows eLaLiga to extract more value from their esports data. 

The dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the player, team, and match statistics, as well as aggregated standings, in-depth match analyses, and automatically-generated video highlights covering every aspect of the eLaLiga season with no manual input required. 

"We're very excited to be part of this amazing eLaLiga season and help shape the competition’s narrative. The HUDstats storytelling dashboard is a powerful data-based solution that helps esports organizations collect and keep all their tournament information in one place to streamline their content production workflow”, said Andrei Bălănescu, CEO of HUDstats.

Setting Clear Objectives: Data-powered storytelling

The primary objective was to eliminate the manual processing of data and provide eLaLiga with an automated, scalable solution for collecting granular data and aggregating it into meaningful tournament statistics with vast storytelling potential. 

An additional objective was to deliver automatically-generated video highlights to integrate into eLaLiga's content production workflow. 

The result would be an intuitive and user-friendly platform that the eLaLiga casters and organizers can use to extract and shape the storytelling of the 2023 competition. 

How the Storytelling Dashboard Works

HUDstats’ proprietary AI technology (AVA) turns video feeds into actionable insights that are then aggregated and delivered into a friendly dashboard tailored to suit eLaLiga’s competition format. 

esports storytelling

The dashboard features dedicated pages for every fixture, with a performance breakdown of the matches, heatmaps, in-depth possession play and more. Every player and team has their own page with in-depth statistics of their performance in the competition. The match results are automatically aggregated into player and team standings, with points awarded to them according to the competition format. 

Every goal and intense moment in a game automatically triggers the generation of a video highlight that is then delivered in the dashboard and attributed to its specific team, player and match. 

The eLaLiga organizers and casters have full access to all the features and stats of the competition, while the teams get their own dedicated team page access where they can check their own video highlights and statistics.

Overcoming Challenges

Extracting data directly from the official live production stream posed a significant challenge, as the system needed to navigate broadcast intermissions, studio cut-backs, and advertisements. However, the system was adapted to eLaLiga's broadcast and competition format, successfully delivering precise, in-depth statistics and insights into the matches.

Another challenge involved designing an esports storytelling dashboard that could adapt to various competition formats while maintaining an intuitive and user-friendly experience. 


The HUDstats storytelling dashboard eliminated the need for manual processing and aggregation of game data. eLaLiga seamlessly integrated HUDstats APIs to access their stats and enrich the content on their website too.

All season information is aggregated in one place. Casters can now easily access teams' and players' performance data throughout the season, creating a more engaging narrative. 

Teams now have their own dedicated page with metrics and performance stats, offering greater visibility into their season achievements. They can share video highlights from the dashboard on their social channels, giving fans a front-row seat to their season-long journey.