Introducing HUDstats


Esports is taking the world by storm. In the last few years alone, the industry has garnered fans in the millions, surpassing over 245 million viewers at online events and streams.

And that number is still growing as we type.  With dozens of platforms out there, you want to narrow down where you grow your esports business. You want a company that you can trust in! To make a long story short - HUDstats is the one for you. 

What’s in it for you?

There’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the esports world we know today. And when it comes to tracking data for esports, the two main elements to look for are speed and accuracy.  That’s where AI helps expand a team’s reach and make sure potential sponsors are aware of them. 

More brands are hitching their wagon to esports, and the number just keeps on increasing. With the fast-changing AI technology, it’s time to get your foot in the door with esports. It also helps with broadcasting.

It’s no secret that AI can predict which broadcasting elements generate the most interest from viewers. When you stick with us, you get enhanced broadcasts with on-air storytelling and in-depth data that benefits fans everywhere. By understanding the needs of your audience, you can generate more interest from viewers.

HUDstats AVA (Advanced Video Analysis) is just the thing you need to plan accordingly and reach for more engagement with your audience.

What sets HUDstats apart?

In case you didn’t know, HUDstats is an esports company dedicated to providing data that collects, aggregates, distributes and visualizes the state of matches or events in real-time. With our Advanced Video Analysis (AVA) technology, we unlock greater ROI potential

That means that you can increase your website engagement with our unique apps like our match trackers, statistics widgets, and fantasy eLeagues. 

If you want to bolster fan engagement, we’ve got you covered. With HUDstats, you’ll get access to our standardized data from across all your league matches. Meaning that you can attract viewers by knowing what works and what doesn’t. You can also raise the quality of play for your league by getting an understanding of your teams and players. We help empower you and your clubs through this process.

The right esports platform makes sure you have the ability to manage teams and viewers the way you want by providing you with the tools you need. With HUDstats, you can enjoy the benefits of our advanced AI technology and data that will allow you to grow in the long run.

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