Remote Computer Vision Engineer

Hello there, glad you found us.

At HUDstats we focus on creating innovative products that empower the esports industry. Because esports means video games, working on our projects really does make work feel like play.

We're looking for a full-time experienced Computer Vision engineer to help us develop and implement computer vision and machine learning cutting-edge technologies for esports.

The systems are made with the following stack and frameworks: AWS, Postgres, Redis, Clojure, Python, OpenCV, PyTorch, and others.

Our team is mostly based in Europe. We don’t have ‘work hours’ or ‘daily stand-ups’, instead, we have a trust-based system where you just do your tasks whenever you feel like it. As long as it gets done in time no one has any issues.

The ideal candidate would be a team player with a proactive and collaborative approach.

Location: *remote*, but due to bureaucratic and space travel constraints, we can only hire candidates from this solar system.

If interested and would like to work with video games, please email your CV to: